I don’t know how anyone managed to research a trip before the internet — that’s my go-to trip planning solution! When you’re moving to Panama (or any new country), there’s, even more, research involved, and you’ll want all possible tools at your disposal.

These are some of our favorite sites and pages for Panama info. Take a look and get involved with these online communities!

My Panama Relocation Experts 

Grab the popcorn and settle in there is a wealth of information here! All the My Panama Relocation team members have been in Panama for more than a few years, and we have a lot of stories to share: where to find the best pizza, how to ship your belongings to Panama, and what you need to know about health care here. We’ve been there, done that, and the knowledge we’ve gained (often the hard way!) will help you when moving to Panama.

Our blog is also a great place for real estate information — everything from how to get a mortgage in Panama to Panama property taxes to what you need to consider when buying a developer condo.


This closed (must request permission to join) Facebook group has over 7000 members and is a great place to go to ask questions from the people who have been here, done this for longer than you have. Please search or read back through old posts first, because there’s a good chance your question has been answered already!

Tropical Cowboys and Cowgirls

Another excellent group just for expats where you can network and seek answers to questions about life in Panama. Of course, I love anything tropical and don’t get me started on cowboys!

Young Expats in Panama

YEP for short, this group keeps you up to speed on all the parties, beach getaways, and other hot happenings. They organize their own parties and events, as well.

Panama Business Barter

A great Facebook group if you have an item or skill you’d like to trade for other goods or services. It’s NOT a place to just advertise your business. If you can offer something and suggest an idea of what you’d like to receive in return (for example personal training in exchange for a night at a beach house or a new dishwasher), this is the place to make it happen.


This is a daily deals site (like Groupon) with several impressive options every day. Sign up to receive the daily email and enjoy discounts on shows, restaurants, hotels and more! One of my favorite Ofertas was a super-discounted stay at Gamboa Resort!

Playa Community

Geared toward the Coronado area, this website features local stories, classified ads, a business directory, an events list, and a tide chart, among other things.

Panama Lore move-to-panama-lore-phone

“Your guide for the Panama Riviera” is a perfect tagline for this new magazine! It is printed and distributed quarterly for FREE. There is also a digital version so my soon-to-be friends you can read the same information I am reading in my hammock from your favorite screen.

El Visitante

This site (and free weekly newspaper) includes articles, classifieds, and events from all over the country.


This group is in many countries worldwide and serves to connect fellow expats with one another, online and via various events, while providing information about the country.

Do you have a favorite site that has helped you in your move to Panama? Let us know about it!