In Panama, there are options for just about everything.   We’re here at Panama Tropics Real Estate to present you with options, then help you weigh them as to how they fit into your life now-or how you see your life in the tropics.

First and foremost, is the option of where you wish to live.   You’ve probably done some research online about the country and its various areas.  Our main areas are the West Beaches, the Highlands, the Mountain areas, and of course, Panama City itself. 

The Caribbean side of the country has more of an island feel to it than the Pacific side.  Interior and mountain towns may not have any close proximity to oceans, but they are usually a quick trip to either the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans. 
There are properties in all cost ranges.  There are traditional and classic Panamanian style homes, as well as newly built homes and condominiums.  Whatever your budget, we will find you the property that meets your budget and we’ll help calculate your monthly costs.

While you are deciding on a location, you’ll want to know where your closest medical system is.

Access to medical care is important here, and in most situations, is less costly than in other areas of the globe.  There are major medical centers in Panama City and David, as well as a Medical Clinic in Coronado in the West Beaches.  Medical specialists are often found in some of the smaller locales, away from the big medical center.

When you enter Panama through Tocumen Airport as a visitor, you are eligible for $7000.00 worth of medical and legal coverage for 30 days.  The stamp on your passport is your entry into this program.   We hope that you won’t need it, but it is a unique program as far as we know.

The face of Panama expats is changing with younger singles and couples coming to live and work.  Coronado has a bilingual International School, and both private and pubic schools and universities abound throughout the country.  Some of Spanish speaking only, others are bilingual, and some are English only.  For the size of the country, there is an incredible number of schools, colleges and universities.


Seeing the various areas, all of which have their own microclimates, requires safe and knowledgeable transportation.  Panama Roadrunner is a business with which we are familiar and like that fact that this business is a fully Licensed Transport Company that carries Medical Insurance.

Of course, the typical rental car options are available, as is public transportation.   You’ll see some construction in Panama City as they complete a new system of high speed transportation.

There is a system of buses that travel across the country for about $2.00 (from Coronado to Panama City).  Many people rely on public transportation, for which there of many options. Autopista buses (PanAmerican Highway buses), town buses (such as in Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, and Taxis (in most major areas).

You may be visiting Panama just for fun and/or rest and relaxation.  Buying property may not be on your mind-yet. 

There is so much to see in Panama that it’s wise to have someone who can arrange your tour to meet your interests and needs.  Again, we like Panama Roadrunner, a business that not only can pick you up at the Airport, but can design a tour of the various parts of the country-especially for you. 

The staff of Panama Tropics Real Estate is happy to take you to destinations where we feel there are good property options.  Panama Roadrunner will take you to the various West Beach and City areas and make a day trip, or longer for you.  We understand that sometimes people want to just look around before they bring Panama TropicsReal Estate in to the picture. 

Our Panama Tropics Real Estate staff is here to help you evaluate what you’ve seen, determine what you like, then design a tour of properties to meet your goals:  primary home, second home, investment property, raw land.

Here at Panama Tropics Real Estate, we are real estate professionals.  However, within our business is Julio Luque, not only a licensed realtor, but an Insurance Consultant, involved with Risk Management.  Additionally, his services are complimented by Luque-Luque Attornies at Law.

For more information on Julio Luque, please click the button above for “Our Staff”.

We advise all of our clients to have an attorney and we remind them that legal documents are written in Spanish. 

We realize that people who have a residence here may use it one month, 3 months, 6 months, or full time.   Others may have purchased property for income and want to rent it immediately.

We can provide your personal residence and/or rental property with ongoing management by a trusted and talented Rental Manager, Jill Womack of Panama Tropics  Management. 

Jill can also arrange for nightly, weekly,  or monthly stays in one of her many managed rental properties or condos.  You’ll find excellent value in any number of price ranges.
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