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VIEW LISTINGS IN THIS AREA: Punta Barco is a very exclusive
area located just over 1 hour from Panama City and just 5 minutes
from Coronado, where shopping centers abound, as do private
physicians and the San Fernando Hospital Clinic and Emergency
Center and the world famous Coronado Golf Course.

This area has two gated communities (Punta Barco Resort and
Punta Barco Village), as well as properties not enclosed by a gate.
Most of the residents in the gated communities are Panamanian
weekenders.  There are a few expat families here, some of whom
enter into the activities of the large expat community in Coronado.

There are both detached homes and condos.  Although the whole
area is considered “upscale”, the homes on the beachfront are all
high-end in design and size.

The West Beach areas have different kinds of beaches.  Some with
dark, volcanic sand, others with differing lighter shades, and Punta
Barco has a unique rocky beach area.  In fact, when the tide is out,
the locals search for oysters among the rocks.

The Coronado Social Association, started by expats years ago, has
been renamed to the Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) to
include residents of this community.

A quiet community, a real benefits of living here are its proximity to
the new International Airport soon to be completed in Rio Hato,
about 30 minutes away, as well as the all inclusive resort of
Decameron.   This is a location, location, location destination. 
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