Don Womack:  West Beach Communities: Costa Esmeralda

VIEW LISTINGS IN THIS AREA: Costa Esmeralda is a quiet beach
community about an hour's drive from Panama City.   The attraction of
this location is the view of both mountains and ocean from many of the
residences and properties.

A great location puts it 6 km from the hub of the West Beaches,
Coronado.   With several new malls and all the stores and services
available, there'll soon be very little need to drive to Panama City for

The new international airport is almost completed, and is located just
15-30 minutes from Costa Esmeralda.  Property values are expected
to soar as a result of the businesses and services that most airports

As with all beach communities, Costa Esmeralda used to be a
weekend retreat for Panama City residents who needed a second
home for holidays, parties, rest and relaxation.  Second homes were
the norm, but that is changing as expats and Panamanians alike
recognize the stunning surroundings of this area as a full-time
For those living in Costa Esmeralda full-time, there is just a short trip by car or bus to the nightlife and special events of the City.  Another plus is that
Costa Esmeralda is its close proximity to the Pan American Highway for either car or bus travel.

The Coronado Social Association, started by expats years ago, has been renamed to the Coronado Area Social Association (CASA) to include
residents of this community.

A unique benefit found in Costa Esmerelda is the Social Club which is free to property owners and guests.  Complete with a pool and full kitchen, it can
be reserved for events that are catered-or for functions where everyone brings a part of the meal.
Costa Esmeralda is a gated community, and also has one gated community within its main gate.  The secret is out, and a mix of people from all over
the world have discovered this jewel of the Pacific.  VIEW OUR LISTINGS

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