VIEW LISTING IN THIS AREA: Panama City is not just one
destination, but many, including the renowned Canal Zone,
the historic Casco Viejo step-back-in-time, the San
Francisco and Punta Pacifca areas, plus other areas too
numerous to mention.  It is a cosmopolitan city like no
other in the world, partially due to the presence of the
Panama Canal and its related businesses; also because of
the incentives for expats to retire here.  There is the
beautiful skyline with its many highrises which have city
views and ocean views, as well as many green spaces.  In
every part of this city of a million people, there is something
of interest.

It is a vibrant city with many modes of transportation,
including bicycles, taxis, buses, and a huge transportation
project on its way to completion.  Once you know your way
around, finding your destination by car is not difficult.  Many
people walk to work, shopping, or events. 

Not just a tourist destination, like all of Panama, the capitol
city is now attracting expats who start businesses or
accept employment with Panamanian companies. 
International names like Caterpillar, McDonalds, Tommy
Hilfiger, Apple, Bennigans are just a few of the global
companies finding benefits of doing business in Panama. 

The medical system is known internationally and has evolved into a medical tourism destination.  Not only do residents of Panama benefit from world class
medical care, but tourists often plan for medical and dental procedures as they enjoy the many tourist sights.

Shopping malls are huge and plentiful,inspiring local and international shopping.  One mall, Albrook Mall, is attached to the bus terminal that brings in
people from all over the country for just a small fee.  Good restaurants, with almost every worldly cuisine are found in every mall and scattered throughout
the City.  Primary schools, public and private and some bilingual, are found in the City as are a number of colleges and universities, including the University
of Panama.

Property selections within the City are many, with a great variety of features,  and reasonably priced.  Living in the City allows individuals a quick commute
to work, services or events such as sports competitions, musical performances, art displays and special attractions at local restaurants and businesses. 
Being close to an international airport that has several direct flights makes Panama City home base for professionals who work outside the country.

If City living is for you, contact us and let us know exactly what your perfect property could be.  If you aren`t certain, we will give you a tour
with many options.  You may be one of those people who wants to be in the City during the week and at the beach on weekends.  We can
arrange that, too.  Call or email todayVISIT OUR LISTINGS
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